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DEAFinitely Yours Studio proudly offers the following LINKS:

---- Deaf-Related Sites ---- Guide to Deafness/Hard of Hearing
ASL Access
ASL Dinner (Metro Washington DC)
ASL Quest Deaf Culture & Sign Language Rubber Stamps
British Deaf Association
Canine Companions for Independence
Cindy's Tampa Homepage of ASL and Deaf Culture
Closed Captioning Web
Columbus Colony
Creative Access
Deaf Business Center
Deaf Dude
Deaf Empowerment
Deaf Passions
Deaf Resource Links
Disability Info for Students
Discussion Group for K-12 Educational Sign Language Interpreters
Dr. Dave's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Web Links
Gallaudet University's Resource Information
Hearing Exchange
Huntsville Alabama Deaf Awareness
Korean Deaf WWW
Learn Sign Language
Listen Up!

Malaysian Deaf's (Malaysia)
Montgomery County Association of the Deaf
National Institute of Health's DEAF-NIH
NXI Communications, Inc.
Open Bible Deaf Church
Professional Interpreter Exchange, Inc.
Real World Success / Social Sciences
Signed Entertainment Enterprises
Towson University - Sheryl B. Cooper
Vicki Lowen's Deaf Resource Link Page
Keith Wann
Yahoo! - Deafness Listing
York-H-Burg Deaf Central Pennsylvania Non-profit Organization

Disclaimer: DEAFinitely Yours Studio cannot guarantee accuracy of and is not responsible for information provided by these links.  Links listed on this webpage do not necessarily constitute endorsement by DEAFinitely Yours Studio.  If any of these Links is not in operation or inappropriate, please ask for Prof. Glick.
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